Is this what Haru does with his mackerel leftovers? 

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The big audio post I’ve been working on is a bit of a continuation from the other 2 that we’ve done before. I hope you like it.

The Security Guard is Hootey from Vinesauce

The Phone Guy is litterbot

Freddy is themrcreepypasta

Bonnie is creepypastajr

Chica is trinathewolf

Foxxy is wellheyproductions

Other Audios are

The Freddy Fazbear Band

The Bite of 87’

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i have a mighty need for Five Nights at Freddy’s backstory. like the REAL and DEEP backstory


Oh fuck, same

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Omg what I have done

Night made <3

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So everyone is crying and loosing there shit over fucking Haru and Sousuke in episode 9, I finally got the chance to watch the episode myself and I’m just sitting here like

I shamelessly feed on the misery of anime characters, it’s kinda fucked up.

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Back in the USA, holly shit I could hump the sidewalk, so happy to be home.

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•Foxy and Freddy are both dominant and fight for control in bed.

•When Freddy wants to be “nice”, he lets Foxy lead.

•They bite each other, a lot.

•Foxy is only submissive when it’s “that time”.

•Freddy is only submissive when he is feeling down, or lazy.

•Foxy loves to pin Freddy down.

Why am I reblogging this? Oh right, cause I’m a degenerate

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